For the second time this fall, Vault Comics is offering retailers the first issue of a new series for free.  The publisher will ship free copies of Beyond Real #1, standard cover only, to retailers in bundles of 25.  The new series is written by Zack Kaplan with art by Fabiana Mascolo, Toni Fejzula, Vincenzo Riccardi, Dennis Menheere, Jorge Corona, Luana Vecchio, and Liana Kangas, who will hand off the artwork to one another as the series progresses.

Scout Comics First Look: Forever Forward #1

A new time travel sci-fi is coming this August exploring time travel through “the future” as an Odyssey-style mythic journey called Forever Forward. Launching into comic shops on August 24th via Scout Comics, the new series is by writer Zack Kaplan and artist Arjuna Susini with colors are by Brad Simpson and letters by Jim Campbell.

EXCLUSIVE Vault Preview: Mindset #1

Courtesy of Vault Comics, we have a first look at Zack Kaplan and JOhn J. Pearson’s Mindset. Set for release June 29th, check out our interview with Kaplan to get further details on the series. Mindset is a sci-fi series about mind-controlling tech and the dangers of technology.