EXCLUSIVE Vault Preview: Mindset #1

Courtesy of Vault Comics, we have a first look at Zack Kaplan and JOhn J. Pearson’s Mindset. Set for release June 29th, check out our interview with Kaplan to get further details on the series. Mindset is a sci-fi series about mind-controlling tech and the dangers of technology.

EXCLUSIVE: Top Cow’s Metal Society Pits Robots vs. Humans in Blade Runner-Meets-Rocky Action

Zack Kaplan returns to Image Comics and Top Cow for the new series Metal Society, with one woman entering the ring against robots.

Fan-favorite comic book creator Zack Kaplan is coming back to Image Comics and Top Cow Productions with the upcoming science fiction series Metal Society.

Joined by artists Guilherme Balbi and Marco Lesko and letterer Troy Peteri, the new series features a futuristic world where robots have already conquered the Earth, with humanity reborn to perform manual labor for the machines across the planet. The five-issue miniseries follows a young woman growing increasingly frustrated by her robotic overseers before deciding to fight them in the ring for public hand-to-hand combat matches to determine if human or machine reigns supreme. The covers to Metal Society #1 are illustrated by Balbi and Qistina Khalidah.

Dark Horse Comics Reveals First Look at New Series Break Out (Exclusive)

Dark Horse Comics is taking readers on a wild science fiction adventure in their new series Break Out, and we’ve got your first look at the new cosmic series! Break Out is written by Zack Kaplan (Port of Earth, Join The Future) and features artwork by Wilton Santos (Excalibur, Dawn of X), colors by Jason Wordie (God Country, Wasted Space), and lettering by Jim Campbell (Wasted Space, Giant Days)  and you can check out two covers for the upcoming launch in the images below. Break Out! tells the tale of a world that is being overrun by a force from another dimension. They are abducting teenagers and putting them in their mysterious floating prisons, but when they take the wrong person, they will seal their own fate.

Zack Kaplan & John Pearson Have New Vault Comic For 2022

Vault Comics are teasing a bunch of comic book creators for 2022, their fifth anniversary, including a new series from Zack Kaplan and John Pearson. Zack Kaplan is best known for sci-fi comic books such as Eclipse, Port of Earth, Lost City Explorers and Join The Future, while John Pearson is best known for horror comics, Razorblades, Department Of Truth and Beast Wagon.

How ‘Join the Future’ Puts Sci-Fi Twist on Western Genre

In the future, everything will come together under the watchful eye of one of a small handful of mega-corporations that just wants the best for their customers. Well… almost everything. There’s one small town that’s not playing ball, it turns out, and the mayor’s daughter is causing a lot of problems all by herself. What she does forms the basis of AfterShock Comics’ upcoming series, Join the Future.


Robert Kirkman’s Skybound Entertainment has optioned Zack Kaplan’s new Top Cow comic Eclipse for series development.

Eclipse, from creator Kaplan with art by Giovanni Tampano, is set to be available in stores Wednesday. After a solar flare drives the human population underground, daytime surface conditions are monitored by workers like David Baxter, equipped with special suits that protect them from the sun’s deadly radiation. Baxter’s solitary patrol of the empty cityscape is interrupted when he finds the scorched remains of someone left outside to burn – now, he must solve the murder himself.